6 Brunch Spots on the Charleston Peninsula for All Budgets

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Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly and tasty start to your day, or a luxurious dining experience in the morning, Charleston’s peninsula has a brunch spot to suit every taste and budget.

From the laid-back charm of Daps and Imbible, the classics of Toast! All Day and Virginia’s, or even the upscale experience of Callie’s or High Cotton, each restaurant promises a delightful start to the day. 

We’ve listed 6 of our favorite brunch spots in Downtown Charleston from affordable to expensive below depending on what your taste buds are craving.

If you’re looking for an affordable, yet delicious start to your day, Daps may be the place for you!

Dap’s Breakfast and Imbibe is a laid-back and dainty corner spot on the outskirts of downtown Charleston where you can treat yourself to a breakfast sandwich, crispy plate of hash browns, a dish from Dap’s classics, or one of their many breakfast sweets.

Among these tasty options, they offer a variety of protein rich foods along with numerous other healthy alternatives. At Dap’s everyone is sure to find something they will enjoy as a kickstart to their day.

Another wallet-friendly brunch spot, this charming eatery is seconds away from King Street, the heart of downtown Charleston. With an emphasis on color, vibrancy, and endearing decor, Bodega is another must-try spot on the peninsula.

Bodega offers six breakfast sandwiches, four unique variants on benedicts, and four sweet pancake options for you to choose from.

Additionally, they have many drinks from their innovative coffee bar menu, along with brunch-focused martinis. If you woke up too late for brunch, there’s no need to worry, as Bodega also has a lunch and dinner menu where you can enjoy other diverse dishes any time of day with a similar charm!

Brunch is made easy and convenient with five total locations, two being on the peninsula. If you find yourself craving eggs and bacon on Meeting or King, be sure to stop in Toast! All Day!

This chain makes comfort food a priority, serving Southern classics like biscuits n’ gravy, chicken and waffles, eggs any way, omelets, pancakes and other sweets, along with a variety of country sides. They even offer seafood options for any coastal cravings you may have!

This laid back atmosphere paired with a local specialty cuisine is a great way to start anyone’s day!

A bit more upscale than the previous brunch spots, Virginia on King is another great place to fuel up for your day in Charleston.

You can easily make yourself at home in this spot due to their classic, timeless, and refined feel. They put an emphasis on Southern hospitality, which extends to their heartier, classic meals. Their brunch menu offers classic breakfast foods, such as grits, french toast, omelets, and breakfast sandwiches, but also hoagies in ribs, ensuring that even the largest of appetites will be fulfilled.

You can also get individualized drinks from their brunch drink menu. Additionally, they have a supper menu for you to return to after a long day of exploring the peninsula.

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit offers a bit of variety from your typical brunch location, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t equally as delicious! With an emphasis on biscuits, Callie’s creates both savory and sweet hot biscuits for customers to savor.

At one of their two locations on the peninsula, you can dine in or carry-out. With a more refined and innovative take on brunch, they also specialize in buying in bulk, so there’s enough to go around for everyone!

All Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit locations also offer a variety of gift options, such as baskets, cookbooks, cards, and more. Consider buying one for a friend so they can enjoy this spot just as much as you did!

High Cotton prides themselves on a luxurious and exquisite dining experience for their guests, and you’re sure to receive nothing short of that during your visit!

With a priority on a pescatarian and crustacean diet, a large portion of their menu choices bring a unique, coastal twist on brunch. They offer alcoholic classic brunch drinks and wine, both sweet and savory appetizers and entrees, oysters, breakfast sides, and desserts, which they ensure to elegantly plate to provide the most enjoyable experience for their guests.

Like some other brunch spots, they also offer dinner options, as well as hosting a full bar.

One of the most unique aspects of High Cotton Charleston is their private dining option, which can be useful for getting together a sizable group of people for a more secluded and exclusive dining experience. They also regularly have live music!

This is certainly a great restaurant to choose if you are looking to treat yourself, your family, or friends to a special meal.

Enjoy These Delicious Brunch Spots in Charleston, SC

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this rule still applies when you’re traveling! While you may be eager to get an early jumpstart to your day to spend as much time exploring as possible, it can be more than a little difficult to wake up to your 6AM alarm while trying to enjoy a restful vacation. Luckily for you, the Charleston peninsula offers a plethora of brunch spots in various aesthetics with a wide range in price points for any budget.

So hit snooze, get a few extra hours of rest, and enjoy one of the 6 brunch locations mentioned above. Your taste buds will thank you!

Written by Alexis Boatner

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