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Nestled in the charming coastal community of James Island, SC, just off the Charleston peninsula, is a plethora of consignment and thrift stores fitting for both frugal minded individuals and old souls.

Whether you’re looking for an eclectic vintage find or a contemporary and preloved treasure, Charleston has the perfect shop for locals and tourists alike. If you’re seeking quality, affordability, and eco-consciousness, consider one of these 6 stores to satisfy your thrifting desires!

For the Everday Thrifter

James Island

Everyone has known and loved a Goodwill location, and the Palmetto Goodwill on James Island can become your newest thrifting go-to! Not only does it offer a wide range of affordable goods, like clothing, furniture, home goods, shoes, and more, but it also provides a great sense of sustainability and community support.

Beyond its retail offerings, Palmetto Goodwill on James Island is a hub for job training and employment, helping people find meaningful work and a purpose. Their commitment to helping and giving back to the community sets them apart as a shining example of how thrifting can benefit both people and the planet. There are often great finds there, too!

Thrift for the Kids

James Island

If you’re looking for a preloved gift for a little one, Tiny Tadpoles is another great option! Using more of a resale and consignment model, this spot harbors many name-brand pieces for a significantly reduced price.

In addition to children’s clothing, they also accept toys, books, and gear for infants and toddlers. They encourage the donation and reuse of gently used items, so consider bringing in your own items!

The store often hosts events, fundraisers, and activities for all ages to attend together, making it not only a store, but a hub for families to connect and support one another.

Vintage Home Goods

James Island

If you’re looking for a vintage store with an emphasis on home goods rather than clothing, Patina Market is a great option for you! While browsing through their eclectic mix of furniture, home decor, art, and collectibles, spanning across various eras and styles, walking through this shop feels like a journey in time. Whether you’re looking for a unique adornment for your home or a gift with character, Patina Market is a great shopping location where the past becomes brought to light!

Find an Antique

James Island

Terrance Oaks Antique Mall is another antique hub for vintage finds and collectibles. They offer a vast array of products, from furniture, jewelry, trinkets, home goods, and art. This location is particularly spacious, giving ample room to bring your friends along!

Additionally, their website provides access to their list of vendors, as well as a direct link to their Instagram handle (@terranceoaksantiques), where they showcase many of their one-of-a-kind items for you to start eyeing before even entering their store!

Whether you’re a seasoned vintage collector or just starting on your journey of antique exploration, you’re sure to enjoy the timeless charm of Terrance Oaks.

Men Can Thrift too!

James Island - West Ashley/Mount Pleasant

It’s no secret that many thrift stores tend to cater to feminine clothing preferences, but Worn Consignment + Wear for Men is a prime example of a resale store that challenges this! This charming men’s boutique offers high-quality, gently used clothing. They even offer formal suits, shirts, and jackets!

They have a wide variety of brands carried, so you can find something as simplistic as Southern Tide, Vineyard Vines, or Hugo, going up in quality to Ralph Laruen, or shop as elegant as Louis Vutton or Gucci, all at prices of 50-75% off.

Whether you’re looking for a new everyday piece or a sharp outfit for an event, this shop is certain to have the style that you need. Worn Consignment + Wear for Men is a testament that great style doesn’t have to come at a high cost.

6. God’s Goods Mount Pleasant

Thrift for A Cause

Mount Pleasant

God’s Goods is a thrift store with a mission: give back to the community by supporting local lowcountry charities.

The store offers various goods, from clothing, furniture, home goods, and more, all at some of the best prices in town. If you’re looking for an affordable new addition to your wardrobe or home, consider God’s Goods!

The best part is that every purchase you make at the store goes towards supporting those in need in the local community, making every trip a meaningful one!

Furniture Consignment Opportunities

Mount Pleasant

If you’re looking for quality, gently used furniture to season your home, The Coleman Collection is sure to have just the piece you’re looking for!

Upon stepping inside, customers are greeted with a warm atmosphere, with each corner filled with carefully curated pieces that tell a story of their own. The shop is a hidden gem, with a vast variety of pieces, ranging from antique to modern styles.

Additionally, if you have any furniture you’d like to get off your hands, the store offers up to 55% of the money back for willing furniture consignors, making it a great place to not only shop, but to sell!

Furniture Consignment Opportunities

Mount Pleasant

With a focus on feminine clothing, Butterfly Consignment prides themselves on selling like-new, authentic brand labeled clothing. Here, you can find office fashion, casual looks, vacation wear, and even evening gowns, making it a suitable shop for anyone!

Also, they offer clothing in a large diversity of brands, ranging from something as simple as Anthropologie or Banana Republic, up to Coach and Lilly Pulitzer, or even designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada!

Their jewelry selection is also extensive, whether you’re looking for everyday, real silver and gold, or even costume jewelry.  Counterfeit merchandise is not a concern at Butterfly Consignment, as they take great care to weed out any faux items before hitting the shelves, especially for their higher end products. 


Furniture & Eclectic Home Decor

Mount Pleasant

This female-owned business is a must-visit for anyone searching for pre-loved finds to elevate their homes. With a focus on furniture and eclectic home decor pieces, they offer a selection of carefully curated collectibles, essentials, and art that will beautify your home and bring it to the next level, whether vintage or contemporary styles suit you more.

Not only do they sell home decor pieces, they also sell clothing and accessories which you can find scattered throughout the store, making the treasure hunt all the more exciting!  

Budget-Friendly Fashion

Mount Pleasant

Consigning women is a great go-to destination for fashionable finds in Mount Pleasant. This cost-friendly boutique specializes in upscale women’s clothing accessories, and even home decor, all gently used. The store aims to create an atmosphere to appeal to classic Southern femininity, while keeping up to date with current trends. They pride themselves on a commitment to quality of both clothing and hospitality making it a top-notch shopping experience for those looking to elevate their wardrobe or home with unique and affordable finds.

Home Decor Gifts for You and A Friend

Mount Pleasant

Another great option for affordability, this store has every home decor piece you could hope to find! Adopting a boutique-style store, they offer a large selection of items, including furniture, artwork, and home accessories, all at affordable costs.

They pride themselves on high quality additives for your home, ensuring that you only get to choose from the best. Whether you’d like a statement piece for your home or a welcoming gift, this store is a must-see for anyone with a passion for interior design and unique finds.


North Charleston

This thrift and consignment spot makes affordable and reused fashion a priority! Closet Case was founded by an organization called We Are Family, which aims to advocate for LGBTQ+ youth in the lowcountry.

As the only LGBTQ owned thrift store in the state, they pride themselves on making their location a safe space for everyone, providing many accommodations, one of which is called, “sensory hours.” During these specified times, guests can shop in a less stimulating place; they even offer noise reduction headphones!

While specializing in gender-inclusive clothing, they also sell books and collectibles if you are looking for a gift for yourself or a friend.

The We Are Family organization also hosts various events and fundraisers in support of LGBTQ+ youth and allies, so consider looking into their website if that is of interest to you!

Trendy & Sustainable

West Ashley

If you’re interested in trendy, discounted, and name brand clothing, Plato’s Closet is the place for you! Like all of nearly 500 locations, this location in West Ashley buys and sells gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories, targeting teens and young adults.

Bring in your own gently used clothing for cash on the spot or shop your favorite brands sustainably! Additionally, their constantly changing inventory gives shoppers the chance to discover a new wardrobe treasure at every visit!

With an emphasis on minimizing clothing waste, Plato’s Closet serves as a great location for anyone who wants to remain trendy while shopping sustainably.

Thrift for A Cause

West Ashley

Much like your typical Goodwill location, the Children’s Cancer Society Thrift Store promotes thrifting for a meaningful cause. They sell a wide variety of goods, whether it be clothing, furniture, or home goods. Shopping here is a great opportunity to find impressive deals while also positively impacting families who are afflicted by childhood cancer. A percentage of proceeds go directly to the Children’s Cancer Society!

Thrift for a Cause

West Ashley

This woman-owned business since 2006 is a great option for you if you seek quality clothing products at unbelievably discounted prices! With a target on clothing that emphasizes femininity and southern charm, this is a great place to find name-brand boutique clothing to show off while in the Lowcountry!

The store prides itself on high-quality clothing, and you can bring your gently used clothing in and earn up to 40% of the sale value!

Be sure to visit their web page to view their list of brands that are not accepted before dropping off your delivery for consignment.

Something for Everyone

West Ashley

Acanthus Antiques is truly a hotspot for eclectic finds, whether they be antique or modern. The five major categories of items they sell include antiques, fine arts, jewelry, Asian arts, and modern eclectic, ensuring that all tastes are met with elegance.

With such a large variety, they also offer private appointments to browse the inventory so you can shop sustainably at your own pace. A visit here is sure to enhance your home or wardrobe!

Thrift for a Cause

West Ashley

If you’re searching for gently used home goods at an affordable price while supporting a great cause, Animal Helpers ReTAIL Resale is worth a visit!

With an emphasis on home improvement goods, they offer architectural items, books, collectibles, decorative items, electronic equipment, flooring material, furniture, hardware, kitchenware, lighting, linens, tools, you name it! In addition to their already discounted items, they have sales frequently to make your trip even more affordable.

The best part is that all of the shop’s proceeds go to the Animal Helper’s Foundation, so you can be sure you’re making an impact on our furry friends of Charleston! Check their website for donation instructions and events that are hosted in support or Animal Helpers.

Explore Charleston's Thrift Scene

Charleston is particularly a hotspot for many thrift, consignment and vintage stores, catering to a variety of tastes, preferences, and causes. Whether you seek a classic, affordable thrift store, upscale resale options, or vintage shops, you’re sure to find the place for you in this coastal community. Many of these stores on this list are avid supporters for various causes, allowing you to make a personal impact on the community of Charleston, while enjoying a shopping spree in the lowcountry!

Written by Alexis Boatner

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