Top 5 Spas to Visit in Charleston


Within the historic streets of the beautiful Charleston, South Carolina lies a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. The hustle and bustle of local life or strict vacation itineraries can make it hard to truly let go. Whether you’re a stressed local looking for a pick-me-up or a visitor looking to truly relax, these five spas are some of Charleston’s best and most trusted, offering services from basic massages, facials, or even medical treatments. 

TEAL Elite MedSpa in Mount Pleasant takes your skin seriously. Priding themselves on simple and effective treatments, their top priority is simplifying your skincare routine while keeping it as efficient as possible. Among the med spa’s treatment options include both innovative, such as derma planing, wrinkle relaxers, and chemical peels, and tried-and-true regimens, such as microneedling or a classic facial. Additionally, TEAL Elite offers cosmetic treatments, such as botox and lip filler to ensure that you’re looking your best. Visit their website and book today for all of your skincare needs!

Longevity Wellness prides themselves on an educated approach when it comes to the curated care of your body and skin. They offer massaging services, facials, chemical peels, and waxing. Their team of trained massage therapists offer a classic Swedish, deep tissue, and lymphatic drainage massage, offering variety to ensure your bodily goals are met. Longevity also sets themselves apart with their infrared sauna, so visitors can reap the benefits of a deeper and more balanced sauna experience. Book with Longevity Wellness to ensure your spa needs are met!

3. Urban Nirvana

Achieve nirvana by paying Urban Nirvana Spa a visit! With five locations across the Charleston metro area, including downtown, North Charleston, West Ashley, Mount Pleasant, and Kiawah Island, ultimate relaxation is now more accessible than ever! UN offers body massages and scrubs, facials, and waxing services, and prides themselves on reputable massage therapists and estheticians. Additionally, Urban Nirvana offers salon services for all of your hair care needs, making it a great choice if you’re looking to receive multiple services!

4. Salt Spa and Yoga

Focused on holistic and immersive wellness, Salt Spa and Yoga offers fine pampering, from massage, facials, body treatments, sauna, salt rooms, and sound tables. Additionally, the spa houses a yoga studio, open to all levels of experience. Salt Spa and Yoga utilizes the benefits of reiki healing to pamper their guests. One of their most unique spa features is their salt cave, which has meditative, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and skin-improving properties. Turn to zen and book with Salt Spa and Yoga today!

5. Woodhouse Spa

With over 80 locations on the East coast, Woodhouse Spa prioritizes the elevation of your body, mind, and mood. Woodhouse promises a luxurious experience, whether you’re visiting for a massage, body treatment, facial, waxing, or nail care. They emphasize the importance of improving your quality of life both in the spa and out in the world. Woodhouse also offers rituals, with a focus on the heightening of the mind and soul, setting them apart from most other traditional spas. If you’re looking to lavishly elevate your body and mind, consider booking with Woodhouse Spa!

Next time you need relaxation in the Holy City, choose from a variety of different locations, services, and approaches with one of these 5 spas! Whether you prefer a simple, medical, or holistic approach to your bodily and esthetic needs,  you’re sure to find the the right fit for you and your body. 


Written by Alexis Boatner

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