Get to Know Red Drum SEO

Red Drum SEO is a thriving digital marketing business in Charleston and we had the pleasure of speaking with owner, Jake Ostmann, to answer some of our questions. 

What does Red Drum SEO do?

Red Drum SEO provides a full suite of digital marketing services to clients in Charleston and beyond. Our main objective is to help businesses earn new customers online. This is generally in the form of leads or online sales.

Our core services include Web Design, SEO, PPC Advertising & Email Marketing.

What's the origin story of Red Drum?

In many ways, Red Drum’s story started like many… I followed a pretty safe, traditional path by going to college, getting my masters in marketing, landing a job with a small digital marketing agency and eventually starting my own gig. There were of course many peaks and valleys during these years, but I stayed persistent, learned, and in 2019 I signed my first freelance client.

The infamous year of 2020 presented an opportunity for me to work remotely at my day job and as you can imagine this gave me a lot more flexibility and time to develop my business.

I moved to Charleston from Cincinnati in July of 2020 and I have been going full steam ahead with Red Drum ever since. I’ve connected with so many amazing business owners from across the country, especially here in Charleston.

What’s been the hardest part about running your business?

It’s hard to pin point a single hardship.. I think every stage of running a business has its challenges. 

The digital marketing industry is competitive and often gets a bad rap, but this really just provides an opportunity for me to offer great services and change the minds of business owners.

What’s one of your favorite memories or stories from running your business?

I have been blessed to work with many amazing businesses and owners over the years and this is easily my favorite part of running Red Drum. 

Through my work with a client in the music industry,  I was able to connect with some pretty legendary musicians and drummers who I still keep in touch with today. This was an awesome experience and really made Red Drum come full circle for me.

What’s something most people don’t know about you or your brand?

As you can probably guess from the brand name and my previous answer, I’ve been a lifelong musician and drummer. You can find me occasionally playing in the Charleston music scene or obsessing over recordings at home.

Most people associate Red Drum with our local red fish, which is definitely true as I enjoy fishing, but the name was also inspired by a red drum set I own. My wife deserves the credit here as she put two and two together and suggested the name!

What are some new or popular trends in your industry you are keeping a close eye on?

I think we are all tired of hearing about it but AI is definitely the hot topic in the marketing industry right now.

There has been an influx in new technologies using AI from big players like Google and Chat GPT that has definitely overwhelmed many professionals and consumers in the space.

Will AI completely take over the marketing industry? I think not.

What can Charleston expect from your business in 2024?

My mission is still the same from when I started in 2020 – to deliver great results and exceptional customer service to my clients. Charleston can expect more collaborations like this interview, a branded newsletter to help clients stay on top of industry trends & new service offerings to name a few off the top of my head!

What are some of your favorite Charleston businesses our readers should check out?

Oh, great question to end on. Longevity Wellness for when I need a great massage, Charleston Pour House for when I need great live music, Chico Feo for delicious food on a sunny day.. I can keep going. The Charleston scene is special.

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