Introducing Charleston Based Opal Pets

opal pets perfect powder

We had a chance to catch up with the team at Opal Pets to learn a bit more about their vegan, homemade dog food supplement – Perfect Powder.

For all the dog lovers, vegan enthusiasts, e-commerce followers and beyond – this one is for you!

What is the Opal Pets brand all about?

Opal Pets makes Perfect Powder, a clean, vegan supplement formulated to balance homemade dog food. Our founder Lindsay worked with formulation experts and veterinary nutritionists to create Perfect Powder and our free recipe e-cookbook with a goal to make cooking fresh, allergy-friendly dog food meals easier than ever.

What sparked the idea for Opal Pets?

After a decade of working in the pet food industry, Opal’s Founder Lindsay Carvalho was ready to channel her experience and passion into creating a new brand from scratch. She started Opal Pets to make it easier for pet parents to cook fresh, balanced meals at home for their dogs and chose expert partners to help formulate and create a product focused on clean, plant-based ingredients.

What’s been the hardest part about running an ecommerce store?

Finding the right partners, whether it’s warehousing, shipping or third party e-commerce apps.

What’s a favorite memory while running Opal Pets?

Getting our very first Shopify order in July of 2022!

What’s something most people don’t know about the brand?

We prioritize clean, plant-powered nutrition as a way to combat traditional over-processed, cheap dog food often littered with fillers and poor quality ingredients that makes dogs itchy and sick

What are some of your favorite Charleston businesses our readers should check out?

Neon Tiger Pizza, Three Girls on Spring vegan deli, Harbinger Cafe, Huriyali

Any final words for our readers?

Fresh, homemade dog food is a growing market and we’re excited to reach the bowls of more dogs in 2024 and encourage more pet parents to try homemade dog food!

Connect with Opal Pets and Try Perfect Powder Today!

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