The Power of Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine with Becky Sheftall

becky sheftall acupuncture & herbal medicine

Becky Sheftall is a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbal Medicine provider in Charleston, SC with 11 years of experience treating pain, infertility, autoimmune issues, hormonal issues, anxiety, depression, migraines, flu, and much more.

Her Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine sanctuary is located in downtown Charleston near Hampton Park at 67 Moultrie St Suite E Charleston, SC 29403.

becky sheftall acupuncture charleston, sc
Becky Sheftall Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

What is the origin story for your acupuncture/herbal medicine practice?

I have always been strongly connected to Nature and have drawn from the healing powers of the Mountains and the Oceans of the world. Earlier in life I lived in the Rockies, Hawaii, and Asheville NC. Because of my love of mountain sports and surfing, I was inspired by the Mountains To Sea hiking trail, and I named my business Mountains To Sea Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. I have kept this name behind the scenes and have more recently called my business Becky Sheftall Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, although the spirit of Mountains To Sea stands behind everything I do and the healing energies I bring to my clients.

Has marketing your business been easy?

Marketing has historically been a bit of a challenge, as I prefer to spend my time and energy face-to-face with my clients instead of at the computer. Thankfully word of mouth has served my business well, but it is important to be seen and take advantage of technology and how it can help my services be known to the community.

We love to hear inspiring stories, can you tell us one of your favorites?

There are so many! I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey as a healer so far, and I love watching my clients have breakthroughs in their health and wellness. One memory that brings me great joy is of a particular client who was on the verge of miscarrying again but with acupuncture and a Herbal Medicine formula, she was able to carry the baby to term, and she now has a beautiful son!

What's something often misunderstood about acupuncture & herbal medicine?

Many people don’t realize how much higher education is behind the degree that I hold as an Acupuncturist and OM Herbalist. I spent 5 years in Master level Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine school. I am National Board Certified by the NCCAOM for OM (Herbal Medicine), and have state licensure in two states (NC & SC). I have toyed around with going back to earn my Doctorate, which would take one more year… but I am weighing if it would be worth it to detract me from what I love doing most in my business, which is being with and treating my clients.

What innovations are you watching closely in your industry?

I have been keeping my eye on the cutting edge research on Herbal Medicine and fertility that’s been growing in the last few years. It’s absolutely amazing how certain single herbs, such as Rhemannia root, are being studied for their effects on mitochondria, ATP production, and the effects of its use on egg quality and fertilization, in conjunction with Acupuncture for increased fertility rates, as well as IVF success rates.

Tell our readers what they can expect from you in 2024.

Charleston can expect me to keep offering my very best, from my heart! I will keep providing a healing sanctuary where my clients can relax deeply and also get results. I will keep learning about this medicine and bring everything I know along with me into the work I do with my clients.

Since we are all about helping local businesses in Charleston, what's a business our readers must check out?

I love my own Naturopath, Dr Kimbi of The Wellness Loft. She has helped me stay on track with my own well-being and has been my go-to healthcare provider for things like routine bloodwork, full-picture medical screenings, and a traumatic injury recovery. It is great to have her on my personal wellness team and I highly recommend her.

Connect with Becky Sheftall Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

Address: 67 Moultrie St Suite E Charleston, SC 29403

Phone Number: (828) 215-5650

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